We don’t give a damn if you shop here again


I bought some pants at a major retailer a few months ago. After wearing them twice, they completely fell apart. Having never returned a pair of pants before, I didn’t keep the receipt. So I brought the pants, which had obviously barely been worn, back to the store. Despite having the original card that I used with me, they refused to give me a store credit or exchange. All they offered was a measly $5, when the pants originally cost $20. And this process took forever, with them trying to enter my info into the POS no less than 3 times. So I wasted about 25 minutes for nothing.

Now, I’m not exactly a frequent shopper at this store, but I do go there periodically for various items. Now, I’m certain I’ll never go back. So the retailer just ensured I will never visit their stores again because they wouldn’t give me the extra $15 back on what was obviously a flawed product. It’s no wonder the company’s sales keep dropping.

What’s the moral here? Don’t do things that piss your customers off for life when the cost to make them happy is so trivial. Surely I was worth more than $15 in profits to this retailer over even a modest time horizon, but they’d rather have their staff feel superior than keep me as a customer.