Dreaming of a decent Contact page


I’m really sick of websites that make it impossible to figure out the company’s phone number, office address, and other contact info. And I’m not even talking about sites that intentionally hide this data, like some shady online stores tend to do. Rather, my ire is directed towards those sites that have all the info hidden away in a series of strange locations, instead of placing it on a simple Contact page where it belongs.

Many sites do manage to have a Contact link right on the homepage. That’s a good start. But when you click it, the results can be infuriating. I’ve seen Contact links that point to someone’s email address, or show a customer support form with lots of little fields to fill out, or just provide a mailing address with no phone number or way to reach someone there. Ironically, the problem seems even more prevalent for local and retail businesses, such as car dealerships, who should be the most concerned about helping potential customers find them.

It’s really not very hard to fix this. On your contact page, you should list your phone number, physical address, email address, and business hours. Don’t hide this info behind a bunch of other menus. If you have lots of offices, show the main office address and link to pages about the rest (or to your store locator). The same approach works if you have departmental phone numbers or email addresses. Have an online contact form? You can place it on the main Contact page or link to it. It’s also a good idea to provide resources like maps and driving directions, which can be as simple as linking to a Google map for your office location. Although your exact design approach may vary, providing the most commonly requested contact info on a single page is bound to reduce site abandonment, increase conversions, and produce more happy customers.