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When I book a hotel, I always try to use the hotel’s official website. Unlike those non-refundable reservations at places like, booking through the hotel site usually means you can change or cancel the reservation as needed. Plus, many hotels have a low price guarantee to match the travel sites on price. But there’s […]

The last time I checked, most airports have flights arriving and departing well past 8 pm. But I’ve come across numerous airports, such as Denver and Fort Lauderdale, that shut down nearly all the restaurants and shops at 8 o’clock. I know people would buy stuff well past that time, since vendors are busy in […]

Every time I deal with another company’s tech support department, it’s always the same story. I explain the problem to the rep along with what I’ve tried so far. Inevitably, they ask me to try the same thing again, ignoring everything I just told them. Next, they transfer me to another agent, who repeats the […]

One day sales


I’ve been planning a fairly large purchase from a retailer whose annual “one day sale” is coming up. As the name suggests, they run some big discounts on that day only. Since you can’t find out exactly what the discounts will be in advance, you have to call them or visit the website during that […]

I recently heard about a new wireless data service and decided to check out their website. Not surprisingly, the site was filled with great info on how fast it will be, which devices it will work with, and so on. But one piece of data was absent: when and where you’ll be able to get […]

With many online retailers offering free shipping on every order, consumers have arguably come to expect free (or at least low-cost) shipping for all their purchases on the web. Of course, not every retailer plays this game. Some still charge full price for shipping. This seems especially common with clothing stores and others who sell […]

Every few years, I go through the tedious ritual of contacting all the companies that have my credit card number on file, and providing them with a new expiration date for the card. You see, the credit card issuers somehow think it makes everyone safer if a card is only good for say 3-5 years. […]