It’s nice that many companies have created programs to benefit non-profits, such as matching the donations made by their employees or holding events where the proceeds go to charity. But sometimes the fundraising tactics can get out of hand. Here’s a few signs that you’ve gone too far:

– You added a line to your email signature asking customers and vendors for money.
– Each person you work with has been contacted by three or more of your staff members, all asking for money for the same cause.
– You have your secretary calling people twice a week until they agree to make a donation.

And my personal favorite:

– You haven’t updated your list to exclude targets who are very unlikely to donate. For example, you’re still asking for money from companies you don’t even work with anymore, or people you haven’t talked to in years.

If this sounds like how your company raises money for charity, I only have one thing to say: what you’re doing isn’t fundraising. It’s panhandling. And unless you want to be associated with that sort of behavior, you should probably adopt a more subtle approach to asking for contributions.