Cash only


I really don’t understand businesses that are cash-only, yet charge premium prices for their products. I’ve seen restaurants that sell $12 omelettes but refuse to take credit cards, even though the average meal for two can exceed $30. Who carries that kind of cash around anymore? It’s one thing if you’re a bargain-priced shop with a $3 breakfast special, but most places engaging in cash-only practices are anything but.

Sure, these businesses may think they’re doing fine because the register keeps ringing. But I suspect that the number of people carrying around big wads of cash is on the decline, and reality is eventually going to bite these ignorant business owners right in the ass. One day, customers will start dropping off like crazy, and they’ll lament where they went wrong.

Here’s a hint: lots of customers want to pay with plastic, whether you like it or not. Start accepting credit cards today, or get ready for the day when many of those customers stop coming through the door.