How about another pair?


I recently purchased some exercise clothes from Amazon. Nothing too fancy, just shorts and a shirt. Having used them once so far, I’m confident I made a good purchase and will be happy with the products. This makes me wonder: how can the retailer take better advantage of this to increase their sales?

It’s common knowledge that people are often happiest with a purchase right after they buy the product. It follows that you should be able to entice people to buy more copies of a product that they just purchased, assuming they like it. I think a simple discount strategy could make this happen.

In brief, whenever you’re shipping a product that people might logically want to own more than one set or pair of, just include a coupon to encourage repeat purchases. You could also send this via email a few days after the product is delivered. Of course, the promotion should be time limited as well, e.g. “Are you happy with your purchase? If so, use discount code 12345 to get 10% off another set of the same products in the next 10 days”. Sure, some customers might already be in the habit of reordering things they like. But for everyone else, the number of repeat purchases should be a lot greater if you give them a little nudge.