Positioned for success


If the design of your product provides built-in branding opportunities, be sure to take advantage of them. Whether you sell a physical product or provide an online service, there’s probably a place where your company’s logo appears. This logo makes it easy for potential buyers to identify your brand before purchasing. It also helps them associate the (hopefully good) experience of using the product with your company’s name and logo, increasing the chance they’ll buy from you again.

With this in mind, I’m a little surprised to see products where the logo is crooked, blurry, or even unreadable. This sloppy treatment of such a critical aspect of product branding is like throwing your ad space and mindshare out the window. To potential buyers and existing customers alike, it cheapens the look of the product and reduces the chance they’ll associate your company with a high quality experience.

The next time you get to add a logo to your products or revise your existing logo placements, take the time to do it right. Make sure the logo is clear and crisp, and confirm that it’s being printed or attached straight. If it looks cheap or crooked to you, chances are that customers will feel the same way.