Breakfast is served, if you’re lucky


If a restaurant only serves breakfast a few days a week, you would expect them to open earlier on those days to accomodate the breakfast crowd. Similarly, when a restaurant is open the same hours every day, you would expect them to offer the same meals every day. So far, this is just common sense.

However, I ran into a strange exception last weekend: a restaurant that opens at the same time on Saturday and Sunday, but only offers a breakfast menu on Sundays. What’s more, their website is rather unclear about this. I didn’t fully understand this weird setup until after I arrived on Saturday and tried to order an omelette. They made it for me anyway, but not without some fuss.

It’s really easy to prevent this type of confusion. If your business only offers certain menu options or products or services at specific times, come right out and say that. For a restaurant, this belongs right under the operating hours, or on the page with the various menus you serve. As usual, setting the proper expectations helps prevent confusion and leads to happier customers.