Invisible from the street


I just learned there’s a Lego store on Michigan Avenue. I’m not exactly in the market for a large quantity of Legos, but I do pass by that area quite often. Since Lego stores are few and far between, I thought I would have noticed the store by now. Then I discovered the problem: it’s not visible from the street.

Since I haven’t actually been there, I can’t say how far inside the building you have to travel to reach the Lego store. Whether it’s just beyond the main entrance or several floors up, the challenge is the same: you need to create awareness at street level. For example, you could purchase ads on nearby buildings or bus shelters telling customers exactly where you’re located.

Obviously, it’s better to have doors that open up onto the street and window displays that passers-by can see. But if your real estate situation prevents that, at least make an effort to get your message across to potential customers as they walk or drive past your location.