Window to the future


The next time you see a sign that says “Under construction” or “Pardon our dust while we remodel”, check for one more thing. Specifically, see if they’ve provided a picture of what the work is going to look like when it’s completed. In my experience, this is a rare find — maybe 10% of construction projects have any sort of rendering of the finished work. The only exception seems to be those projects where an entirely new building is being constructed, since they tend to post an artist’s rendering near the work site.

Given that somebody must have approved the work before they started — whether it be the city, the developer, or just the condo board — I’m surprised that this visual aid isn’t more common. After all, it’s a good idea to help residents and passers-by visualize why things are in total disarray. When they can see the rationale behind the mess, they’ll be a lot more understanding of all the construction tarps, closed sidewalks, and other minor annoyances that go along with it.