Trouble at your doorstep


Chicago’s Michigan Avenue is home to some of the priciest stores you’ll find anywhere, along with hundreds of mainstream retailers and restaurants. Generally, the city puts a lot of effort into keeping the area clean and upscale-looking. But there’s one glaring exception: the incredibly annoying “musicians” that park themselves in front of the high-traffic stores, and bang on plastic buckets while asking for handouts.

Since the city won’t do anything about it, I would expect the stores to take some action. But judging by the looks of the offending parties, there’s no way a store employee would risk their health and sanity to confront them. So, the idiots continue creating noise pollution and scaring away customers without anyone to stop them.

I wish someone from the corporate HQ would commission a little experiment, designed to see if sales are lower when there are flagrantly obnoxious people parked right by the door. And once the obvious conclusions are reached, they can hire a private security force to properly deal with the problem.