Will it freeze?


Since going to the grocery store isn’t exactly a fun task when it’s 12 degrees out, we’ve been stocking up on certain types of food for the winter. With non-perishables, this is pretty easy: just stash them in the pantry, in a closet, etc. But with refrigerated items, it’s much trickier, since many things expire after a few weeks or months. The key question is: can you freeze the product and then thaw it out later?

With the exception of items that are sold frozen, most perishable foods don’t make any mention about freezing them. This seems like a no-brainer: if the item can be frozen, say so on the packaging. And if freezing it is a bad idea, mention that too. With this simple bit of advice, you can drastically reduce the chance that a customer ends up with frozen things that just don’t taste right later — all the while encouraging them to stockpile as much as they can fit in their freezer.