While supplies last


One of the few downsides to shopping at Trader Joe’s is that some products get discontinued due to slow sales, or because the seasons are changing and their main growing location can’t produce them anymore. Whether you blame weak consumer demand or mother nature, the fact is that certain things won’t be available for awhile — or may never return to the shelves again.

As a consumer, it’s a real downer when one of your favorite products disappears. But there’s a way for stores to soften the blow. Since the retailer knows at least a few weeks in advance about upcoming cancellations or the end of seasonal availability, they could place appropriate signage near the products to let customers know. For example, the sign might say “Last supplies of the season — stock up now!”

For people who really like that item, this simple messaging gives them a chance to stock up before it’s too late. And when the product in question is about to be discontinued because of weak demand, a late surge in sales might be enough for the store to give it another chance.