Snail mail in digest form


Whenever I make certain types of changes to my investment account, the company sends me a written confirmation in the mail. (This happens despite my preference for email notifications — “for your security”, they assure me.) So I get a letter in the mail, no big deal. But this goes from curious to annoying when I’ve made a few changes at once, and I’m greeted with a pile of envelopes from the same company.

If a company is sending me more than one piece of mail at the same time, why don’t they just collect all the messages from that day and put them in the same envelope? Better yet, why don’t they give me the option to receive all written correspondence in a weekly or monthly digest? A few envelopes and stamps saved for each customer, times a few million customers, should add up to significant cost savings — all the while being less annoying to the recipient.

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