Email tip: Always use the same “From” name


With so many people accessing their email from multiple computers and handheld devices, it’s easy to sacrifice consistency in the name of convenience. Case in point: the “From” name that customers see when you email them. For instance, if you’re John Smith with Acme Corp, you might end up with any or all of the following names in your various email programs:

– John Smith
– John A. Smith
– John Smith (Acme Corp)
– Smith, John (Acme US)
– John

Obviously, this can get confusing to customers, who expect to see the same information each time you correspond with them. If they see a different identity each time, they may ignore some of your messages or flag them as spam.

So do yourself a favor: whenever you add a new email access method (e.g. your iPhone or home computer), make sure your name, signature, and other identifying information are identical to what you’re already using. Then, send yourself a test message from each access point, and verify they all look the same to the recipient. By taking these simple steps, you’ll look more professional to your customers, while increasing the chance that your messages actually get read.