Unless your prices are dirt cheap, you need to accept credit cards


Here are three businesses I’ll never buy anything from, or that I’ve vowed never to visit again:

– A restaurant that charges $10-15 for a typical breakfast
– A barber shop where a men’s haircut costs $25
– A doctor’s office that inflates their prices to at least twice the going rate, presumably hoping to rip off uninsured patients or those who aren’t familiar with what their insurance covers

What do all these places have in common? They either don’t accept credit cards, or only take a few types of cards. I can understand why ultra-low-cost businesses would be cash only — the transaction fees alone can eat up a lot of profit on a $3.99 breakfast. But for everyone else, failing to take credit cards is inconvenient and even insulting to customers, and most certainly ends up hurting overall revenues and profits.