Trying out the coupon kiosks at CVS


It’s rare that I come across a kiosk system that wows me with its simplicity and elegance. But the approach CVS has taken in the store near me is worth noting. Basically, you go up to the kiosk and put your ExtraCare card under the scanner. Then, it prints a coupon based on your purchase history. You don’t even have to press a single button or touch the screen.

Does this approach help them increase sales? Well, I took the coupon the kiosk printed out, and proceeded to buy some products that I would have otherwise purchased on Amazon. That’s a win for CVS, even if they had to provide a substantial discount on the sale. They increase their share of wallet, make me more likely to return, and get valuable behavioral data about my shopping habits.

There’s only one thing I would change in the CVS kiosk implementation. They placed the kiosk near the front of the store, but mounted it like any other display within the aisle itself. It really belongs on an endcap, or on the corner of the aisle but positioned at a 45 degree angle. Also, they might want to add an attract loop showing how much other customers are saving. Either way, they’ve done a nice job with the kiosk program, and I’ll certainly be swiping my card whenever I visit the store.