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When booking a hotel room in a city that you’ve never visited before, you can encounter many types of sticker shock. The price may be very high, the room may be small, and the only bed available may be a double. To you, these issues might be significant. But to someone who travels there a […]

Many stores seem to be including coupons on their receipts these days. The goal, of course, is getting shoppers to return during the next few weeks so they’ll buy more products. Typically, these coupons take the form of “Get $5 off your next purchase of $30 or more”, or something like that. However, I saw […]

On Saturday, my wife and I decided to try out the new location of our favorite breakfast place, which just opened a few weeks ago. As we placed our orders, the waitress mentioned that we could swap out the usual toast or pancakes for an order of french toast. I haven’t had french toast in […]

Have you ever completed a task on a website and tried to view the updated information, only to find there’s no record of the changes you just made? This happened to me with an airline reservation: after I selected my seats, it said the changes were confirmed. However, when I viewed the itinerary right after […]

Between birthdays and family visiting the city, I’ve had the good fortune of eating at the same amazing Italian restaurant twice in the past ten days. The first time we ate there, our meal included a surprise pre-appetizer snack, plus an after-dinner drink — all at no charge. Obviously, we were surprised and delighted, as […]

In Chicago, the corner of Michigan Avenue and Chicago Avenue attracts an incredible number of tourists. It’s home to the famous old water tower that survived the great fire, with lots of stores and other attractions nearby. And on the southeast corner of the street, there’s a Walgreen’s. It’s a really ugly, old store — […]

When you purchase a subscription or any other service that lasts for a specific period of time, you generally expect that you’ll be able to use or enjoy it for every day during that period. In the case of things like a magazine subscription, it’s widely understood that it will take a few weeks before […]