Stuck between Craigslist and a hard place


I have some old stuff sitting around that I periodically try to sell on Craigslist. Each time I list it, a few people inquire and one maybe even offers to buy it. But when it comes time to get together and complete the transaction, they flake out. And we’re not talking about a lot of money either: around $25-30 at the most.

The items are too cheap to list on eBay, since the listing fees and hassle will surely eat up more than the selling price. And Freecycle doesn’t feel right: somebody should be willing to pay something for them, right? So I end up keeping them and the cycle starts anew.

Perhaps there’s an opportunity here for someone to help monetize these sort-of-marketable yet modestly-priced items that many of us have sitting in the closet. But more than likely that’s where they’ll stay: in a corner, collecting dust, until we finally give them away to anyone who will accept.