Problems ordering Moo cards: No love for Amex users


As I wrote about yesterday, I had a less-than-stellar experience with the Moo online printing service. Once I managed to get through the design process, the website took me to the checkout and payment system. Everything looked normal until I went to enter the info for my Amex card. The drop-down menu had choices for Visa, MasterCard, and a few other brands that I’m guessing are popular outside the US. But as I quickly learned, Moo doesn’t accept Amex.

I’ve written several posts about how stupid it is when local businesses refuse to accept American Express. But I never expected to run into this issue with a fairly large, well-known e-commerce website. Can you imagine the uproar if someone like Amazon or Netflix stopped taking Amex? Customers would be furious, and those websites would see revenues drop almost immediately. I’m guessing Moo never accepted Amex, so maybe they don’t know what they’re missing.

Regardless, I reluctantly dug out my MasterCard and paid for the purchase. But the experience left me wondering what the heck Moo is thinking. I know that I’m less likely to return to the site for future purchases or recommend them to a friend. Heck, I feel sort of cheated since the no-Amex thing came out of nowhere and is completely unexpected for a big online retailer. Maybe Moo has their reasons for leaving Amex users out in the cold, but I can’t imagine their policy is good for business.