Countdown to selling time


Here in Illinois, we have some arcane law that restricts the sale of alcohol on Sundays until after 11 am. Not surprisingly, stores have placed signs near their wine aisles to let customers know about the restriction. This cuts down on repetitive questions, so the signage makes sense. But what if you’re shopping there, and you don’t have your watch or cell phone handy to check the current time?

The obvious solution is to put a clock on or near the sign itself. It doesn’t have to be fancy: just something easy to read, so customers can determine if they’re allowed to buy the product yet. It’s a cheap and simple upgrade to what’s already there, and should increase sales as well. Why the sales lift? Some customers might not realize that it’s really close to (or just after) the time that the product can be purchased. Give them this info, and they’re more likely to add wine (or whatever the item is) to their cart.