Promoting travel-sized foods in the grocery store


Virtually every drug store has a special section or endcap devoted to travel-sized items. Typically, this consists of personal care products like toothpaste and deodorant, with each product limited in size to what TSA allows on flights. Presenting the smaller items this way, rather than scattering them all across the store, is a smart move. It gives customers one-stop shopping and likely leads to more sales.

If drug stores can do it, why don’t grocery stores join in on the fun? For example, I know that Trader Joe’s sells snack-sized bags of fruit and nuts, but you have to hunt for them amongst the half-pound and pound packages. Why not consolidate all the food and snacks that come in little packages into a single area, just like the drug stores do? Add a little bit of signage to explain why those items are great for travel, and I bet sales would soar.