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While visiting Vancouver last week, I had the opportunity to ride the Canada Line train from the YVR airport to downtown Vancouver. This was my first experience with Vancouver’s SkyTrain system, and I came away quite impressed. Here are some of the things they’re doing right, along with a few areas where they could improve. […]

With the vast majority of people using a browser that supports multiple tabs, webmasters need to consider how their sites behave when opened in the background. For instance, what if a user clicks on several of your pages at once, or bookmarks your pages as part of a tab set they’ll be opening later? Does […]

Virtually every drug store has a special section or endcap devoted to travel-sized items. Typically, this consists of personal care products like toothpaste and deodorant, with each product limited in size to what TSA allows on flights. Presenting the smaller items this way, rather than scattering them all across the store, is a smart move. […]

I only have a couple of credit cards, but I’m trying to use each one somewhat regularly to avoid getting the accounts cancelled for non-use. After I made a purchase on one card that I hadn’t used in a long time, I signed up for online statements and bill payment. But when the first bill […]

A few days ago, I called a store to check if they carried a certain product. Their phone system picked up immediately, and proceeded to play a fairly upbeat but rather lengthy greeting. 75 seconds later, I had heard about every one of their special offers. Was this useful to me? Not a bit: I […]

When I sign into a secure website to manage a bank or credit card account, I expect a clean and straightforward interface that makes it easy to accomplish tasks like viewing a statement, paying a bill, etc. I also understand that those companies need to make money, so I don’t mind if they use the […]

We replaced our shower heads recently, and the new ones came with a “Lifetime warranty”. What does that mean, exactly? Is the warranty good for my whole life, or just as long as I live in the same residence? Is it transferable to a new owner? What about normal wear and tear? I’m sure all […]