Preparation makes things easier for everyone


Many services are easier, faster, and less painful when the customer invests in a little bit of preparation. For instance:

– If you’re having your carpets cleaned, try moving the furniture out of the way beforehand.

– If you’re going to the dentist for a cleaning, try to brush right before the appointment.

– When you’re buying groceries, try helping the cashier pack the bags, rather than sitting back and doing nothing.

In each of these cases, the customer and the service provider are better off when the customer shows up prepared. They each save time, money, and hassle — or some combination of those elements — when the customer takes ownership in the process.

How can service providers get customers to chip in? Just tell customers what you’d like them to do and what’s in it for them. Sure, some people will ignore the suggestions. But others will take the hint and do what you’re asking. And as more and more people invest in improving their own experience, these behaviors will spread to a larger and larger portion of your customer base.