Where to use your laptop in the airport


During a typical trip, I use my laptop in a variety of places around the airport. Here’s how I would rank them, from most productive to least productive:

– Wrap-around desk with proper office chair (San Francisco-SFO)
– Countertop with bar stools (Chicago Midway-MDW)
– Oversized recliner-style chairs (Midway again)
– Regular airport waiting areas (various)
– On the floor near a pillar (I like Vancouver-YVR, but they seriously need to add power outlets for travelers to use in restaurants, coffee shops and other convenient locations)

I wish more airports would follow the lead of SFO with its nicely-appointed desks and MDW with its countertops. It really makes a huge difference in productivity when you have access to a sort-of-normal work space, which makes that airport a lot more attractive the next time you’re booking travel plans. All considered, upgrading the laptop work areas is a low-cost way to attract additional passengers and boost revenues. Just like how coffee shops sell more drinks when customers linger longer, airports could generate higher concession revenue by providing a more productive place to spend time before a flight.