What Netflix should say instead of “Very Long Wait”


When I see a DVD in my Netflix queue that’s listed as “Very Long Wait”, I know that I’ll need to be patient. Very, very patient. Heck, I think I waited three months to get the “Caprica” pilot, making me wonder if they only bought one copy and made all the BSG fans stand in line for it. Anyways, I think Netflix should inject some levity into the whole waiting thing, and be a little more honest about what “Very Long Wait” really means. For instance:

– “It’s gonna be a while”
– “Might we suggest another DVD?”
– “Don’t get your hopes up”
– “Maybe you should read a book”
– “Apparently, it’s worth the wait”

Would this type of messaging call even more attention to what’s already a weak point in the service? Yeah, probably. But it’s not like Netflix is doing themselves any favors with the boring status messages that they use today.