In-room charging stations: Ending the hotel power outlet hunt


Whenever I stay in a hotel, I’m always frustrated by how difficult it can be to locate a power outlet within the room. It seems like every outlet is subject to some frustrating issue. For instance, the power outlets might be:

– Blocked by heavy furniture
– Filled up with the hotel’s electronics, like TVs, phones and alarm clocks
– In such short supply that you can’t plug in more than one gadget at a time

With virtually everyone carrying some form of electronic device when they travel (such as a mobile phone, iPod, or computer), hotels need to do a better job accomodating travelers’ needs.

What’s the solution? Partner up with the companies that sell charging stations for various gadgets, and install one in each room. Co-brand the device to reflect the manufacturer and the hotel chain, and provide an easy way for customers to buy one for their home, office, or travel kit. Considering how rarely you see charging stations in the wild, I bet that travelers would be quite impressed with the convenience — and many of them would be thrilled with the idea of purchasing one to take with them on the spot.