If cell phone pricing is the same nationwide, why ask for a zipcode?


Way back when, the prices for cell phone service varied a lot from state to state. If I recall correctly, Sprint was the first carrier to introduce nationwide pricing, which eventually caught on with all the cell phone providers. Today, you’d probably be hard pressed to find much difference between the calling plans offered from one state to another.

Sure, there is still a bewildering array of calling plans and bundles, even if you’re focusing on a single carrier. But these options seem to be quite consistent across the country. With this in mind, why do the cell phone companies still insist that you enter your zipcode before you can view plans and pricing? This is a needless roadblock in the evaluation and purchasing process.

A better approach is to get rid of the “Enter your zipcode” screens, and just show people the plans that are the same nationwide. If you happen to offer some regional specials or certain plans don’t exist in selected areas, then provide secondary options to let interested customers view more details. By making it easier for people to get a ballpark idea of what’s available, you’ll build trust early in the relationship, and increase the likelihood that your prospects will become paying customers.

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