Attracting more customers to your in-store kiosks


Over the past year or so, it’s been interesting to watch the methods that my local CVS has chosen to market their in-store coupon dispensing kiosk. Here’s what they’ve tried:

– Printed signage around the kiosk
– Light-up signage above the kiosk
– Signage on the floor in the shape of footprints, leading from the entry door to the kiosk

Despite all this, I’ve never seen anyone else use the kiosk besides me. This makes me think that customers aren’t noticing the messaging, or assume it’s not meant for them.

When you’re trying to draw attention to an in-store service, and putting up signage and other beacons around it doesn’t help, it’s probably time to look at conveying the message through other mediums that customers already pay attention to. For instance, you could promote the kiosk on store receipts, in the weekly flyer, or on the website. In each case, you should emphasize the benefits of using it, and provide a picture of what the device looks like so customers recognize it when they’re in the store. Otherwise, continuing to add bigger and brighter signage around the device just gets annoying, and does little to convince customers of why they should bother to pay attention to it at all.