Visualizing bulk food packages


Let’s say you’re selling some type of food in a bulk package, but consumers are used to buying it in smaller sizes. Your unit price is much lower than they’re paying today. But it’s hard for them to get past the idea that they need to pay 5-10 times as much for your big package, versus the small ones they normally purchase, even if the per-unit cost is much lower.

How do you overcome this resistance? Easy: provide a graphic right on the package that shows how many of the small containers that your big container is equal to. For instance, if you’re selling a 24 oz. container and people usually buy 2 oz. ones, the image should depict 12 of the small containers. Then, add some text to point out the savings: “Equal to 12 regular-sized containers — buy big and save 40%.” Sure, some customers may do the math on their own. But for everyone else, pointing out the value in clear and simple terms should make them a lot more likely to buy.