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I recently needed to update my credit card info on several websites. I expected this process to be easy: find the existing card, click the Edit button, enter the new info, and click Save. However, the experience was anything but simple, and even the bigger e-commerce sites seem to have problems with this seemingly straightforward […]

While reviewing the terms for a new vendor contract, I needed to print several documents from the vendor’s website. The documents were provided in simple HTML form, which I generally prefer to something like PDF. But when I tried to print them, I ran into a problem. No matter how I scaled the page, the […]

Let’s say you sign up for a subscription that automatically renews every month, or maybe every 6 months or a year. While placing the initial order, you enter a discount code for 10% off. Should that same discount apply to each recurring order that follows the original one? There are several ways to handle this: […]

What’s the most important status indicator on a portable electronic device? Since the product can’t run without battery power, I would argue that the low battery light should get top billing. Yet when I look at some of the gadgets around the house — including such diverse items as a wireless mouse and one of […]

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. This suggests that first impressions aren’t always accurate. True or not, it doesn’t change the fact that people rely on first impressions more often than they’d like to admit. Of course, it’s not hard to see why a book with great cover art […]

My company is looking for a new staff member to join our tech support team, so I’ve been helping with various tasks like writing the job description and reviewing resumes. Overall, the pool of applicants has been extremely strong, which likely speaks to the attractiveness of the position along with the large number of qualified […]

Like many people, I use review sites like Yelp to help make decisions about local businesses. For instance, is this new restaurant actually any good, or does that doctor treat their patients well? However, a few recent experiences have reminded me that good reviews are no guarantee that a business will deliver on your expectations. […]