Getting more people to fill out product registration cards


The last time I saw a product registration card, I spent a few seconds looking over the form, and then tossed it aside. There wasn’t any enticing reason to fill it out, so I didn’t see the need to spend my time on the task.

Assuming that manufacturers want people to fill out their product registration cards, they need to make the process easier and the benefits a lot more compelling. For instance:

– Reduce the length of the form by asking for less data

– Include an option to fill it out online

– Offer a discount towards something the customer wants or needs, such as a carrying case or other accessories

– Make that discount valid right away, at any retailer

– Provide a checkbox to opt-out of any email or direct marketing campaigns

In fact, this has a lot in common with some of the best practices for optimizing forms on the web. By taking these goals into account, manufacturers would entice more customers to fill out the product registration card, and thus get a more accurate idea of who’s buying their products and how to reach those customers more effectively in the future.