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Different food products come in different sizes of containers, which is why grocery stores typically include the cost per ounce right next to the price of the whole container. Even online stores like Amazon show unit costs in this fashion. But I’ve noticed a few weird exceptions. Instead of showing the cost on a per […]

For the most part, the music that you hear in retail stores, restaurants and other venues tends to skew towards the conservative side of things. After all, why risk pissing off the majority of your shoppers just to have a small segment of customers think you’re cool? But sometimes a store decides to throw logic […]

Let’s say that you’re browsing the floor of a retailer that displays men’s and women’s clothes in one big area, rather than in separate departments. You’re looking for pants, and the colors and styles are quite similar for men and for women. Plus, some types of women’s pants use sizes like 29, 30, etc. that […]

I recently contacted a company’s tech support department via email. A few minutes after sending my request, I got an auto-response that said I should expect to hear from them in “24 business hours”. Since most people would define the standard business day as 8 hours, I interpreted this to mean that I would get […]

While I was in a clothing store over the weekend, I noticed a nice-looking leather jacket that they had on display. It was fastened onto a mannequin, and the price tag was well-hidden — if it even had a tag at all. I looked for a rack containing the jackets, but it appeared the floor […]