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For most people, takeout food is synonymous with a low-hassle, carefree dining experience. In short, you place an order, pick it up or wait for someone to deliver it, and then receive a bag with all the food, utensils and other items that you need. When you’re done eating, you can just toss the food […]

Nobody likes waiting in line, and there are few places that involve more waiting than the airport. From endless security lines to overburdened bathroom queues to slow-moving boarding procedures, air travel seems to be one frustrating queue after another. In fact, while waiting in one such line at the Fort Lauderdale airport, I thought of […]

I don’t use public restrooms very often, but in my limited experience, the overall quality of these facilities seems to be improving. Amenities like motion-sensing faucets and paper towel dispensers — which were once a rarity — have become quite common. There seems to be more attention to cleanliness, as well. With this in mind, […]

As I walked into the grocery store on Saturday, I immediately noticed a proliferation of fall merchandise. Between the large displays of pumpkins and the fall colored flowers, it was quite clear that the summer items had started making way for fall products. As luck would have it, I planned on buying some canned pumpkin […]

A few months ago, I decided it was time to replace the carry-on bag that I had been using for more than a decade. The old bag served its purpose well and was still in reasonable shape, but I really wanted something more compact, with better wheels and more pockets for storing smaller items. So, […]

My apartment building is holding a vote regarding some proposed policy changes. As part of the voting process, the members of the relevant commitee have been manning a table in the lobby to tell people about the matter at hand and get them to fill out a voting form. They also made a smart decision […]

Let’s say you just placed an order on You didn’t feel the need to print a receipt or confirmation page, since they always email you a copy of the order anyway. But after you receive the product, you decide it would be a good idea to have a printed receipt on file. So you […]