Reassuring customers is good, but don’t overdo it


If you’ve spent even a modest amount of time interacting with the tech support and billing departments at any number of organizations, you’ve probably noticed that some companies go overboard when talking about their customer service. For instance, their on-hold message might include phrases like these, repeated over and over:

– “Your call is very important to us.”

– “We apologize for the delay.”

– “Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with using these statements in moderation. People like to be reassured that the company cares about its customers. But if the same types of phrases get repeated in a mindless loop, they lose their meaning.

So, instead of programming your phone system to regurgitate the same messages every 15 seconds, just think about the point in each interaction where you as a customer would be seeking reassurance. Chances are that you’ve identified the very same moment that your customers will be most receptive to a timely and relevant message, too.