Direct mail done right


I’m usually quite critical of the flyers I receive in the mail, since they generally do a poor job of conveying the offer and making it easy to take action on it. However, one flyer I received a few days ago managed to do everything right.

In particular, the flyer included: 

– A separate coupon for each offer, with perforations that make the coupons easy to detach.

– The address of the nearest store location, printed on every one of the coupons.

– The operating hours for that location, also printed on every coupon.

Why is this such a smart thing to do? Among other things, the approach ensures that each of the coupons contains everything that a potential customer needs in order to take action. There’s no guesswork about where the store is, or when it’s open. With fewer unknowns to worry about and no chance of an orphaned coupon that’s missing key info, the campaign should convert a higher percentage of recipients, while subtly conveying that the company offers a hassle-free experience for its customers.