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Compared to previous years, it seems like this spring and summer have been plagued by an unusually large number of rain delays at the major airports. Yet with all the delays impacting passenger airlines, I haven’t seen any news about corresponding delays at UPS, FedEx or other air-based shipping companies. Passenger airlines generally share the […]

Many of the pharmacies in my area have begun carrying grocery items. In some cases, it’s a half-hearted effort, focusing on the types of items you’d find in a convenience store. In other cases, the stores have tried to include fresh foods and other staples of a real grocery store. But something about all of […]

When it comes to product packaging, consumers tend to be “glass is half empty” types. At one time or another, nearly everyone has complained about opening a new bag or container, and finding that a good portion of the space inside is occupied by air. Sure, most products are sold by weight, but it still […]

When you watch an older movie, or even some newer ones, you may see a fantastical depiction of air travel. Among the extraordinary luxuries that were once offered, passengers could just walk directly off the plane after it arrived, aided only by a set of portable stairs. I suppose this actually happened at some point in […]

Last week, I tried to schedule a routine doctor’s appointment. This was easier said than done. In particular, I ran into the following obstacles: – The office only takes appointments up to six months in advance, so you can’t just book next year’s visit when you finish the current visit. – The front office staff […]

A few weeks ago, I heard that one of my favorite retailers was planning to introduce a customer loyalty program. They didn’t provide any details at the time, but I recently came across a page on their website that explains how the loyalty program works. In short, you can qualify for the loyalty program benefits […]

Last week, I placed an order with an online grocery delivery service. Everything arrived in good shape, which is what I’ve come to expect from that particular company. However, not even 5 days later, some of the fruit had gone bad. So, I called the customer service line to see what they could do. The […]

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone who lives far away, it’s hard to deny the convenience of buying that gift — complete with gift wrapping and a card — from an online retailer. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that one well-known retailer seems to be going a little overboard with pitching their gift options. While […]

During a recent trip, I found myself delayed in the airport for more than 5 hours. I spent a good portion of this time catching up on things from my mobile phone, which ended up being easier said than done. The reason? The wireless reception was incredibly spotty. I wasn’t the only one experiencing this […]