Helping customers write better reviews


If you’ve spent any time reading the customer reviews on a typical website, then you’ve probably noticed that many of the reviews are a grammatical and stylistic mess. And it’s not just a matter of word count: even the shortest reviews tend to be full of errors. Taken together, the poor quality of the average review certainly isn’t doing the website that hosts it — or the product or service being reviewed — any favors.

To remedy this problem, websites that allow for user reviews should screen the reviews in real-time to spot issues like these:

– Spelling errors

– Text written in all caps

– Web-centric abbreviations that don’t read well

Then, automatically fix the obvious mistakes, and show the user a list of suggestions for the rest.

Granted, this won’t catch 100% of the errors, and some users won’t bother to heed the tips that are presented. But given how sloppy the typical customer review looks today, any amount of improvement would be a welcome change.