Turning a hallway into an art gallery


While walking through an otherwise drab hallway that connects two buildings, I noticed that the building managers had done something interesting: they put up large-format photos and converted the hallway into an art gallery. A sign nearby explained that the photos featured local scenes. While that statement was accurate, the images looked like the type of stuff you would see in a tourist-focused brochure, rather than anything that would be new or different to locals.

A simple enhancement would make this type of hallway art gallery even more enticing. First, add signage encouraging the people who use the hallway to contribute their own photos or artwork. Then, display the contributed works on a rotating basis, or even let passers-by vote on which pieces are to be retained as part of a permanent collection. It’s a low-cost and fun way to get people involved in their surroundings, and should help foster the sense of community that’s often missing from today’s urban environments.