Your un-trip is approaching


Several weeks ago, I booked an airline ticket for a trip in early August. However, my plans changed, so I had to push the trip back to a later date. Everything went fine with changing the ticket, and I even received an email confirmation with all the revised details.

A few days later, the airline sent me an email to remind me that my trip was approaching, with the usual details about how to print a boarding pass and so on. However, there was one little problem: the reminder email referred to my original travel dates, rather than the revised ones.

For a moment, I was worried that the ticket was never really changed. Luckily, a quick review of my upcoming reservations on the airline website showed that the ticket was correct. And then I realized what must have happened: they’re scheduling the date and content of the trip reminders when you first book a ticket, and there’s something wrong with whatever process is supposed to change those reminder emails when a customer changes the original reservation.

To generalize this a bit, any trip reminder system should be smart enough to handle subsequent changes to the travel itinerary. By ensuring that reminder emails always reflect the most current travel plans, you’ll avoid making travelers nervous at the last minute, while increasing the overall trust and confidence associated with your brand.