Getting the word out about product trade-in programs


While researching what to do with an old computer, I learned that quite a few companies — including retailers and product manufacturers — offer trade-in programs for older equipment. Mine was too old to be worth anything, but slightly newer gear would have garnered at least $100 or so. And if my experience is at all typical, there seems to be very little awareness of these programs among the electronics-buying public.

There’s a very easy way to increase awareness of these initiatives. Simply put an insert into the bag or shipping box (for retailers) or the product package (for manufacturers) to let people know that the old equipment they’re replacing may be worth something. Since the trade-in programs that I’ve seen can be used before or after new products are purchased, people would be motivated to finish setting up the new stuff, and then send in the old stuff after that.

By encouraging more people to take advantage of trade-in programs, companies would help make new technology more affordable for their customers. In turn, these customers will tend to buy newer products more often, leading to increased revenues for retailers and manufacturers alike.