A quick fix for those ever-present date stamps


If you’ve ever looked through a series of pictures that were taken by your friends or family, chances are that some of those photos have the date printed in the corner. In many cases, the date stamp can be helpful, such as figuring out which trip the photo came from. However, it’s not always desirable to include the date when displaying the picture in an online album, printed photo book, and so on.

Obviously, you can just crop the picture and leave out the part where the date appears. However, that also means you’ll lose a potentially valuable piece of the foreground and background. There’s another solution here, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone try it.

In short, the sites that you let display and print photos could provide an option to cover up the date stamp with something else. For instance, you could put a solid color block with a title or caption there, or upload a small image to cover up the date. Either way, giving customers another option for removing date stamps seems like a smart move, and should increase their satisfaction with photo-related websites and printing services.