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If you’ve been following the weather lately, you may have heard about the huge snowfall in the pacific northwest. I had the bad luck of scheduling a short vacation for that very period, which made the travel challenging, to say the least. While I was sitting at the airport in Chicago and waiting for my […]

The battery in one of my electronic devices started acting weird recently, so I looked up the problem online. As I quickly learned, a lot of other people were experiencing the same issue. The general recommendation was to bring the battery into the brand’s local store and ask for a free replacement, since the issue […]

As more and more companies jump into the online grocery delivery business, I’ve been curious to see if any of them deliver to my area. So I’ve gone through the following scenario several times lately: – Read story or press release about new online grocery option – Visit their website to see where they deliver […]

After researching the hotel options for an upcoming trip, I knew exactly which hotel I wanted to stay at. The only thing left was to pick the right type of room. Even though the property only had about 50 rooms in total, they claimed to offer six different room types. Once I read through the […]