No golf practicing allowed


As I walked through a nearby park a few days ago, I noticed a sign that seemed quite funny. Placed near a sidewalk and a large grassy area, it read “No golf practicing allowed.” I immediately started to wonder: has this actually been a problem? Have rogue golfers been tearing up the grass or launching balls through the windows of the adjacent buildings? Apparently, the answer is yes, or the park managers wouldn’t have bothered putting up a sign.

However, I think that simply scaring the golfers away is missing out on an opportunity. After all, these folks are so desperate to find a place to practice that they’ve tried to use a park that doesn’t have so much as a driving range or putting green. And the mini golf course about a half mile south of there clearly isn’t cutting it.

With that in mind, the park managers could build out a small golf area, charge admission, and turn it into a profit center. Or, they could start referring people to the nearest full-service facility and work out a revenue sharing deal. Either way, it’s a little silly to just tell people that a recreational activity isn’t allowed, without giving them any pointers on where to go next. By investing a little bit of time to understand and meet their needs, you can provide a valuable added service, and generate incremental revenues in the process.