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Virtually every breakfast place in my area closes shortly after lunch time, so I was quite excited to see an all day diner finally open its doors. Overall, the food was good and the prices were about what you’d expect for a big city, with one exception: the coffee was an outrageous $3 per cup. […]

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed a rather odd promotional campaign. First, an online grocer was offering a 25% discount on certain wines if you purchased at least six bottles. Then, I saw the exact same discount being offered in the wine section of my local pharmacy. Six bottles seemed like a strange minimum quantity, […]

During a recent visit to the store, I noticed that the price of the multi-vitamins that I’ve been buying for years went up 20%. I haven’t read about any global vitamin shortages, so I’m guessing that the supplier or the retailer just decided it was time to up the margins on the product. However, this […]

To take advantage of the unusually mild weather, my wife and I made the trek up to a neat little nature center north of downtown. One of the main attractions at the facility is an enclosed butterfly habitat, which houses something like 1,000 butterflies at once. We brought a camera along to capture some of […]