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The other day, I found myself on the phone for many hours with one of our telephone providers. We were troubleshooting a rather complex issue, and I had to call back at least a half dozen times before the problem was fixed. At the start of each of these calls, I typically spoke to someone […]

Over the past few months, I’ve had several problems with the recurring orders for a particular food item. First, the “low salt” version that I prefer was no longer available, so I had to switch to the regular one. Then, the product disappeared altogether, forcing me to start from scratch to find a replacement — […]

During the warmer months, I occasionally stop by the big grocery store in my neighborhood to pick up a few things that are overpriced (or out of stock) at my usual online grocer. This is typically an uneventful experience, but the checkout process has seemed rather cumbersome lately. What changed? The store has instructed the […]

Due to the happy confluence of an exciting new exhibit and a discount on admission, I recently visited a nearby art museum for the first time in years. So much time had passed, in fact, that they constructed an entire new wing, which made an already large campus even more challenging to navigate. The designers […]