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I had family visiting me in the city last weekend, which always means eating out a little more than usual. Our first such excursion was breakfast, which brought me to a diner that I hadn’t eaten at in months. Compared to my previous meal there, two things stood out: – The server left a large […]

I’ve been purchasing the same brand of nonfat yogurt for years. Since the small containers are usually cheaper per ounce than the bulk size, I typically get several dozen of the little containers delivered every month. With so much plastic involved, I always try to wash out the containers and drop them in the recycling […]

Last week, I made several changes to my online banking setup in an effort to streamline and simplify things. For the most part, these changes consisted of finding the appropriate Edit button or link, and then modifying the desired values. However, not every change was quite so straightforward. In a few cases, I didn’t see […]

After working through a series of rather frustrating issues with one of our main phone providers, I received another nasty surprise from telco land. One of our secondary providers sent an email saying that our credit card was declined, and that our account had been suspended as a result of the failed payment. Since I […]