Why bulk-size packages should be resealable


Whenever possible, I like to buy bulk-size packages of food. My apartment has lots of storage space, so the larger packages save time and money compared to constantly reordering smaller versions.

However, I’ve noticed one annoying trend regarding these larger packages. The bigger the package, the less likely it is to be resealable. While smaller bags and pouches tend to come with a sandwich bag-style resealing strip on top, the bulk size versions usually leave you on your own after opening them. Sure, you can transfer the contents to a different container or tie up the bag using a twist tie or clip. But that’s easier said than done when the original box contains several pounds of food.

I can’t imagine that it would cost more than a few cents to make the typical bulk-size bag resealable. I’ve even seen it done on large bags of raisins and other common products. By adopting this approach, manufacturers would make it easier for customers to live with the bulk container during the weeks or months it takes to go through it. In turn, people would be more likely to buy that product again, which should more than make up for the few extra cents that it costs to produce the resealable package.