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I recently threw away a bunch of coupons from one of my favorite clothing stores. While I planned on redeeming at least one of them, the entire batch ended up expiring before I got a chance to. The reason: they were only valid on Wednesdays, and I almost never have time to go to a […]

A few months ago, I began noticing a bright light coming from one of the buildings to the west of my apartment. After further observation, I realized that it was some sort of light show, not unlike what you’d find inside a dance club, that goes along with the rooftop bar in a nearby hotel. […]

When I walked into the pharmacy the other day, I did what I always do and stopped at the kiosk to scan my loyalty card. Aside from a mediocre coupon for a brand I rarely buy, the kiosk also printed a rather puzzling voucher. Basically, the voucher said that if I presented it at the register, […]

Between the city digging up half the street for no apparent reason, and a number of unrelated private construction projects ranging from refurbishing a patio to putting up new buildings, my block has been under construction for several years straight. Living nearby, I’ve gotten used to it. But as I spent a few hours last […]