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The last few times I’ve gone out to breakfast, I’ve watched an amusing scene unfold. You see, the restaurant in question was constructed without a revolving door. As temperatures have fallen, this means that a harsh gust of wind blows right through the standard door each time someone opens it. To remedy the situation, the […]

There’s a particular brand of cottage cheese that I really like. For years, I’ve paid around $4.50 for a large container, exempting the occasional sale. So when a grocery store near me cut the regular price to about $2.50, while other places continue charging $2 more, I began buying all my cottage cheese there. This […]

I don’t go through that many postage stamps, but when I run out, it’s usually easier to buy more at the pharmacy across the street than at a post office. However, I’ve always found the way stamps are merchandised — at least in the retail chain near me — to be rather bizarre. Instead of […]

As I walked past a nearby park last weekend, I noticed a strange phenomenon: the number of people working there exceeded the number of people who were at the park for recreational purposes. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed a lot of workers scattered throughout the park. In fact, it’s a direct consequence of […]